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If you still didnt get my name, you must have some serious issues. OK, here it is again..I am Jebin Daniel Varghese. You can call me Jebin, Daniel, JD, Jebs, Jebbu, Jebbu Bhai.....whatever you like...just dont call me names!!! Now to the next important question, What do I do?? ...Well, right now, I am typing :D. Sorry but thats all I can say. I do a lot of things, this is one of them. I believe that one cannot say much about oneself. Well, in my case I dont think anyone can say much about me. Try asking anyways.

It was tea time (well, my mother was not drinkin tea!!)...December 1st, when my family got me...From there started this journey called life. I was brought up at Ras Al Khaimah, a relatively unknown state in United Arab Emirates, where my father runs his own business. Did my schooling in RAK, and now settled in Trivandrum, India. My interest in computers brought me to web design and eventually this site. This website has under gone a lot of major redesigns since it started, showcasing each step in my learning. I wouldnt say its perfect, there is still a lot to be learnt :D.

Now, about me. As I said I cannot tell much about me. Ask my friends and they will have something to tell about me (I hope so!!). If you think I am one in a million people, you are mistaken. If you take a million people, I might be either leading them or opposing them..never one of them. If you have seen me, you may know me as the guy who always smiles, or the guy who never smiles (yea, that happens a lot.!). Never judge me by just lookin at me. Trust me, I am lot different. If I seem silent ( and that happens a lot!! ) just talk to me, I am just out of topics to discuss. I am a bit conservative and tend to study people before getting to know them. So, good luck to you.

Now, if you want to know about my qualifications, well, I would say I am a jack of all trades, master of none. My interest in computing led me to try my hands at various fields in, programming, hardware...but i wouldnt say I am perfect. I have done and do a lot of freelance work. If you are looking to give me a job, find my resume in this site.

Whatever I say about myself, you may not find me the same. I am a person of surprises..I have no targets.....and at the end of the day I am just Jebin Daniel Varghese....nothing less...nothing more.

Jebin Daniel Varghese

jebin [at]
" Intelligence is golden. If only, I could sell it!!! "